Building Beef and Cabbage Stew

When it comes to stews, I don’t really believe in recipes.  There’s a basic technique and you can change up the ingredients however you want to end up with your desired final product.  Since cabbage is in season right now (and on sale) and we hadn’t eaten it in a pretty long time, I decided I’d use some.  I also decided to buy the last inexpensive tri-tip roast the store had.  And that’s what stew’s all about.  Hearty, healthy sustenance with inexpensive ingredients are thrown together to warm the belly and the soul.  Here’s how I built the beef and cabbage stew we had over the weekend:

I finely diced one sweet onion, five peeled carrots, and five stalks of celery.  This is the standard mirepoix used for many soups and stews – I did a fine dice to make it easier for my toddler to eat but you could leave things chunky.



In a large pot, I then heated 2tbsp olive oil on medium heat.  I tossed in the mirepoix, 1tsp salt, 1/2tsp pepper, and 1/2tsp hot paprika (I can’t make soup/stew without the stuff), 2 cloves minced garlic, and cooked the vegetables until tender.  Then, I scooped out the vegetables into my slow cooker.  I cubed my pot roast meat into about 1/2″ chunks and tossed them in some all-purpose flour.  In the large pot on the stove, I added a splash more oil and returned the heat to medium before adding the flour-coated beef.  I added about 1/4tsp more kosher salt to the meat while it browned to be sure I was seasoning every layer (you must season every layer of a soup/stew or it will be bland, yuck).  Once the meat was brown on all sides, I added it to the slow cooker with the mirepoix.  I then poured 3 cups of beef stock into the slow cooker and turned it to high heat.  Since the beef stock didn’t fill the slow cooker and I didn’t want to overdo the salt, I topped off (almost) the slow cooker with 3 cups water.  Now here’s the ‘secret-make-it-delicious-part.’  You should saute the cabbage before you add it to the stew.  In the same pot I cooked the mirepoix and meat in, I heated one more teaspoon of oil and added in 1/2 head of cabbage cut into quarter shreds, 1/4tsp salt, and 1/8tsp paprika.  The cabbage cooked down until soft and then I dumped it into the slow cooker too.  The basic stew was done and just needed to simmer to marry the flavors at that point.


Basic Beef and Cabbage Stew

But wait!  How could this stew be even better?  With dumplings obviously.  I prefer a fluffy simple dumpling in my beef stews, so I whisked together 2 cups flour, 4tsp baking powder, 1tsp salt, and then added 1 cup water to make a sticky dough.  Using a big spoon, I dropped the dough onto the bubbling stew about 25 minutes before we were ready to eat.  My slow cooker lid wouldn’t fit back on with the dumplings puffing up, so I made a tented lid out of some foil and let them steam away on top of the bubbling stew until no longer doughy.  

This was a huge hit with everyone.  My husband couldn’t get enough and my son said ‘soup’ for the first time because he liked it so much (he ate 2 toddler-sized bowls!).  I told my husband I’d have to do this post if for no other reason than the fact that I want buckets of this stuff instead of hospital food when I go into labor, and he needs to be able to make it.  Yes, it is that good.


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