Nachal Margarita Recipe

It’s the unofficial beginning of summer this weekend and that means it’s time for tropical drinks of the tame and more adult varieties (in moderation of course).  This is the only margarita recipe I use since it tastes so great.  Nachal is Hebrew for wadi or “seasonal river” which I think is appropriate for this thirst-quenching summertime treat.  I like it over ice without salt, but I think you could probably do it frozen and get some fancy rimming sugar if you were having a party and wanted to impress your guests.  The blue curaçao gives the drink a gorgeous blue glow.

What you need:

1 pitcher filled with ice

2 parts tequila (use your favourite, but it should be good)

1 part blue curaçao (I use Dekuyper’s)

1 bottle Simply Limeade®

Pour in your tequila and blue curaçao and then fill to the top with the limeade.  Give it a gentle stir.  Done!  Super easy and delicious.  Please drink responsibly.


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